The Team

Together, we embark on a journey to transform ideas into captivating online experiences.

Behind every great digital journey are the architects who craft it. Our team, diverse in background and expertise, converge to sculpt vibrant online realms.

Dive in to discover the dynamic minds powering our vision.

Team Member Gioia

Meet Gioia

The enchantress of design.

With her background in supply chain logistics, she keeps our projects seamlessly orchestrated.

But that's not all Gioia reigns as our front-end and design queen, ensuring every pixel is perfect.

She's the creative spark that lights up our digital canvases, with an unmatched eye for detail.

Team Member Sasha

Meet Sasha

The FinTech maestro and product management expert.

With a knack for crafting exquisite front-end experiences, Sasha brings a unique blend of FinTech consulting expertise and code wizardry to our projects.

But here's the fun twist: before diving into her corporate life, Sasha used to trade punches as a kickboxer.

A true all-rounder!

Team Member Oliver

Meet Oli

The behind-the-scenes genius and resident nerd.

Oli's the mastermind when it comes to all things back-end, making sure our projects are as solid as a rock.

A true tech aficionado, Oli's expertise keeps our digital world running smoothly.

Fun fact, they started writing their first lines of code at the age of 12.

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